Excursions Of A Bibliophile

What are u reading these days?


VishThere is life outside books. But whatever that is there is very little. Books fascinate me and am convinced that it is one of the few avenues that allow one to explore and understand human beings

10 Responses to “About”

  1. Prasad said

    Life can be much simpler Vishy. Probably, I am that lunatic, who stands next to Jesus Christ….:-)

  2. ravi said

    further to our incomplete discussion i would like you to go thru a news article written by Johann Hari in the Independent on 13/08/08.

  3. Ridhi said

    Hi Vishweshwar!

    You’ve got a lovely blog up here. With your keen interest in books and literature, I’m sure you will enjoy visiting Culturazzi. The club is a non profit organization that was recently started and strives to bring people in literature, cinema, arts, music and theater etc from across the world together on a common platform, where they can share their thoughts, opinions, and interact with each other. You could get in touch with them if you wish to contribute!

    I especially like your review for Never Let me go.. One of my favorites – as well as one of the few I could keep revisiting, like you.

    Once again,
    I congratulate you on the great blog you’ve put up here.


    • mangalapalliv said

      Hi Ridhi,

      Thanks for the kind words. I have browsed through the site Culturazzi — quite an interesting one. I will be more than happy to be a contributing member


  4. Debu said

    hi vishu,

    debu here. was at bhf and thought of you. i hope you are fine and doing well.

    good luck with your writing and everything else


  5. Dear friend, your blog turned up when I was searching for reviews of Somerset Maugham’s ‘The Vagrant Mood’ that I had found at Bangalore sometime last week.. I am very impressed with the reviews on the blog. I consider it as one of the best blogs in India on books that I’ve read. Keep it up.

    • Vish Mangalapalli said

      Thanks Vinod… you are very generous in your praise. Love books but a long way to go in making this a better site. Thanks once again

  6. k w christopher said

    hello vishu
    this is a very good blog.I recommended it to my students. Great work!

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