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Notes of a Nobody: A Giant and an Oaf

Posted by Vish Mangalapalli on August 2, 2013

I have always believed that even the most ordinary folks among us have profound thoughts about core issues that concern our human nature. Issues like fate, life, death, role of chance, love, purpose of life, meaning of relationships, responsibility to ourselves and others are some of these. However, many of us struggle to express our these profound thoughts lucidly.  Some time back, I do not remember precisely when, I got a little disturbed and pensive thinking about the strife that many of the under-privileged  among us mutely go through without a murmur of protest and while a few privileged get away with egregious sins. In a burst of emotion I had written a poem called “The Usual Destinies” where I had placed an emphasis on the indifference of the celestial entities that watch all go by. To call it a poem may also be a dubious claim. However, in the recent past I had come across the poem “Stars” by Robert Frost where the emphasis once again was the blind indifference of stars to the happenings on the earth.

Needless to say that Frost is what he is – a giant with extra-ordinary sensitivity to nature and human condition within it. Compared to his poem what I penned as a poem would look like an oaf’s scribble. However, I draw an extra-ordinary comfort on the nearness and identical nature of our thoughts  – which once again reinforces my belief that whether you are giant of  a poet or ordinary human being, the quality of thought could be qualitatively similar .

Isn’t that a tiny proof of human universality? At least, that is what I think so
A Giant and an Oaf

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