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Kingdoms and Crowns

Posted by Vish Mangalapalli on August 16, 2017

It is said that books are made from books. Looks like even book titles are made from books…Here are some famous book titles sourced by their authors from the writings of other authors whom they held in high regard:

Vikram  Seth – An Equal Music 

…… to enter into that gate and dwell in that house, where there shall be no darkness nor dazzling, but one equal light; no noise nor silence, but one “equal music”; no fears nor hopes, but one equal possession; no ends nor beginnings, but one equal eternity  – John Donne

Jhumpa Lahiri – Unaccustomed Earth

Human nature will not flourish, any more than a potato, if it be planted and replanted, for too long a series of generations, in the same worn-out soil. My children have had other birthplaces, and, so far as their fortunes may be within my control, shall strike their roots into “unaccustomed earth”  – Nathaniel Hawthorne

James Herriot – All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Wise and Wonderful, The Lord God Made Them All

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing colors,
He made their tiny wings

—————–A Hymn for Children by Cecil F Alexander

A.J.Cronin – A Song of Six Pence and A Pocketful of Rye

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye,
Four and twenty blackbirds
Baked in a pie.

—–          A Famous Nursery Rhyme

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