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Notes of a Nobody: Beauty and Tears

Posted by Vish Mangalapalli on December 9, 2013

Traveling back from Nepal, I sat in the flight with a growing sense of disappointment looking at the never ending billowing milky white clouds that have blanketed our flight. My diminishing hopes of not able to see the Himalayan range up from the sky (a desire that I had for a long while) was the cause behind my disappointment. I gave up and closed my eyes till I was gently nudged by my colleague. I opened my eyes to see my colleague pointing silently to the window. I looked in the direction and gasped. There was the Himalayan range shining brilliantly in sunlight. It was a sight that was so majestic and so beautiful that I was moved by its transcendental grandeur. The flight took almost 10 minutes to cross the range – rows and rows of giant snow clad mountains with the bright sun glittering and golding their tops. I was overwhelmed and without my knowledge I had tears swirling in my eyes.

Something very similar happened to me at Haridwar. It was in the afternoon of a hot scorching north Indian May summer, I had reached Haridwar from Delhi via Roorkee engineering college. It was in the still heat which had acquired a quality of viscous fluid we reached the banks of Ganges. The water was flowing at a ferocious pace. I sat on the stone bank and casually dipped my feet into the water simply to recoil at the coldness of the water. It was such a dramatic contrast. On the top of my head was an intensity of heat that had a capacity to loosen the skin from the body and at feet was a sensation of coldness that could curdle skin. I looked at the river carefully once again and started to understand the ferocity with which the river was flowing. It was a power at display that was beyond words.. For how many thousands of years was it flowing and flowing with this ferocity? There was grandeur in its ferocity that was humbling. And once again I experienced an emotion that overwhelmed me and once again there were swirls of tears in my eyes

Grand beauty of nature and a human being’s tears – what is the linkage? Is there an answer for this? Someday, I am sure I will understand this phenomenon

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