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Paycuts as pills

Posted by Vish Mangalapalli on July 13, 2012

Yesterday morning saw the  hurried arrival, rapid growth and swift death of the feeling of anxiety, anticipation and curiosity about quarterly financial results of my company. Many around me were disappointed and few were downright distraught. Everybody I met was worried that they will be affected due to lack of wage hikes and actually many of them sounded depressed that they may not even get a meaningful chunk of their variable pay which is part of their compensation. Discussion inevitably moved to rising prices and how it is hollowing out the standard of living.
A young chap who had begun working with me on a proposal for a couple of weeks now asked me:
“Chief, how many children do you have?”
“Two sons – both school going” and just to build some bonhomie I continued “I would love to have more but cannot afford them”
He smiled for a brief while and as if that was a cue enough said suddenly “I have been married for over two years now, but with these paycuts we are planning to have a single child and no more. Actually chief, we are thinking of deferring having a child for some time now”.

I felt a little sad to see how compulsions of economics have begun to creep into some fundamental choices we make which define us in some way. Family, parenthood,pregnancy, bringing up children will count among these ways. In 1980’s India, Indira Gandhi made a remarkably prescient remark when she said “Education is the best contraceptive”. In our rising and shining India, which is now covered with dark clouds of economic recession, paycuts seem to be the new age contraceptives

And our dear home minister feels that the recession is not affecting the middle classes !!

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