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Miscellaneous Murmurs – Some Thoughts on Reading and Books

Posted by Vish Mangalapalli on December 2, 2011

Over a period of time reading acquires a biologic trait akin to hunger. After a sumptuous read, there is a period of cud chewing followed by temporary inactivity and the cycle begins again. Moving through these cycles, the quality of hunger changes greatly. One starts to become choosy and almost certainly opinionated in picking what one opts to read. For every book I complete, there are atleast two I sample or leave mid-way.This is not bad in itself. It is helping me become a better selector of books- being able to pick good books for reading is an envious faculty to have in ones possession

In matters of literature and fiction, the world is willing to help in a big way those who want to educate themselves. Thanks to the web, there is a cornucopia of high quality archives, websites and digital content that is available for free which can last not just one lifetime but many lifetimes. All one needs is awareness, hunger, focus and curiosity. Put these things together and with a bit of luck the results could be magical

There is an indescribable pleasure in re-reading books especially books we classify for ourselves as classics. Not withstanding the great writing which in our eyes makes it a classic in the first place, a re-read also gives an opportunity to reassess the relevance of the book in a changed context. It is not the book that changes but we as readers who would have changed with time. There is a refreshing joy and an element of wonderment in assessing this personal transformation. It is similar to the joy we get when we look at our childhood photographs

The mark of all good fiction is that it has to be transformational in some form or other. We live our lives in certain loosely defined but concrete boundaries (societal and workplace rules, responsibilities that come with our place in the society etc.) and in that sense we are limited or confined. Fiction allows us to become aware of the areas where we can stretch these boundaries. Because in fiction you are peeping into someone else’s life and see what happens to them and how they address it. And the purest form of embracing fiction is through reading it. In that critical sense reading is life nourishing

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