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Phatik Chand – Satyajit Ray

Posted by Vish Mangalapalli on May 7, 2011

I have always liked books more than their movie adaptations. A movie adaptation is someone else’s interpretation and hence inherently directional, suggestive and controlled. I would liken a movie adaptation to a visual book review. There have been instances where I have been led to the book in the first place by a movie. “Ship Fever”, “Cold Mountain”, “Dr.Zhivago”, “The Day Of The Jackal”, “The English Patient”, “Rosemary’s Baby” are some examples that come to my mind.

Sandip Ray’s movie adaptation of his father Satyajit Ray’s “Phatik Chand” is a recent example of a movie leading to the book

Remaining within the bounds of a traditional format of short story, Ray tells an interesting story of an adoloscent’s (Phatik aka Babloo aka Nikhil) memory loss and subsequent gain while going through a life threatening adventure. More than the adventure, the overall depiction of the gradual awakening of Phatik to ” the ways of the world” is well done and indicative of Ray’s extra-ordinarily refined artistic temperament. The characterisation of Harun the juggler as an easy going frolicky, unconsciously pompous good samaritan is brilliant. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable quick read

However, in this case, I liked the movie version of Phatik Chand more than the book

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