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The Avoidable Conversation — A Musing

Posted by Vish Mangalapalli on April 5, 2008

The man walked into the airport lounge quite casually. He was alright for what an old man should be except that he was breathing hard through his mouth and once in a while clearing his throat loudly. He was evidently very early for his flight. With a glance that surveyed his surroundings and a wince that was a result of the effort of bending his knees, he squatted side ways on the edge of a seat. With a jolly looking flushed red face and a body that was showing early signs of reducing rotundity he was like a thinned down, clean shaven version of Santa Claus. Within minutes he was napping. He snapped out of his nap when a young girl with a travelers rucksack passed by and dropped her bag on the floor with a loud thud. The girl gradually started removing what appeared to be excess winter clothes and stopped when she reached her T-Shirt.  She was tall, well built, spectacled and with an unusually open smile. There was indecision as whether or not to remove the scarf. Then this conversation followed:

Santa Claus: “Is that a towel round your neck?”
Girl: “No, No, it is not a towel, it is a scarf!”
Santa Claus: “It does not look like that. Cough… cough… cough… it is cold isnt it? I am back from a place warm and full of sunshine. I seemed to have caught a flue ….. it seems to be blossoming in me. cough….cough…cough…”
Girl: “Oh! I am coming from a place where there is this much of snow. What is the weather like in Britain?”
Santa Claus: “Early teens thirteen… fourteen… fifteen… missed my connectng flight to Birmingham in the morning… got a seat on this flight way behind… dont want to spread the flue… I am told this flue is quite popular in dogs… feelin like a dog …”

The girl smiled and kept quite. She tied her flowing hair carefully into a thin neat bun exposing her neck. Took out a book from her bag and started reading. Santa observed her for a while and went back to napping. When the flight arrived, they went their ways

I was wondering what was the need for that conversation? Will anybody understand the human impulses that have prompted them to engage in such a conversation?


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